September 19, 2022
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The Disruptive Octopus: Tentacle 3

Category Domination Strategy and Execution

This is part 4 of a multi-part article that details how Seed Strategy leveraged the 8 tentacles of disruptive innovation to help the Ball Corporation launch the Ball Aluminum Cup®Please click here if you want to begin at part 1 of the article.


Tentacle 3: Category Domination Strategy and Execution
Challenge: The team was focused on navigating a successful path to market, but it didn’t want the Ball Aluminum Cup® to be just another option in the category once it got there. The goal was to go from being a new entrant to a category leader in a short period of time.

Action: The team recognized that the category had little activity or transformational innovation, but knew it had significant potential. Because of the disposable nature of the category, current players relied on a value-based product positioning. And, despite the groundswell of anti-plastic sentiment, all major competitive products were made of plastic.

Seed identified the white space in the disposable cups category in retail and developed a strategy that would allow the Ball Aluminum Cup® to occupy it—positioning the product as a more environmentally friendly offering that delivers on both value (refillable and infinitely recyclable) and quality (sleek look, lightweight yet sturdy design, superior cold-drink experience). Seed paired this strategy with clear communication and strong media targeting/placement to maximize its impact.

Results: Major retailers credited the Ball Aluminum Cup® with bringing new consumers to the disposables aisle. Within a few short months, the cup also became the best-selling product in the disposable cups category on Amazon. Additionally, it helped FSOP (foodservice on-premise) operators meet sustainability goals and grow on-premise beverage sales at key events that resumed after COVID-19 restrictions were eased.   

Key Tools/Processes:
-Brand Positioning
-Business Model Innovation
-Sales Presentation Strategy
-Sales Materials Design and Execution

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