Where Clarity Grows

"Collaboration brings success; people will support ideas they helped bring to life."

Cherri Prince

EVP, Head of Growth

It’s no secret that women have the purchasing power. Tapping into it, however… well, let’s just say Cherri knows a thing or two million about that. By harnessing female-focused insights, clarity-driving strategy and inspiring creativity, Cherri is a proven expert at helping brands connect on a deeper level with the consumers that every successful brand wants more of.

Especially good at:
Connecting with women. She also rocks at innovation, insights, brand strategy and positioning, naming, private label/store brand development and team leadership.

Favorite part of the work:
Uncovering a true human insight. The kind that stops us in our tracks to say, “Yes, that is soooooo true!” Powerful insights really are the “human” inspiration for the best innovations and ideas.

Alter ego:
Mary Poppins. “She always knew exactly what the entire family needed, and had a magical (and creative!) solution for whatever it was. From understanding physical needs, like adding a 'spoonful of sugar,' to emotional ones, like knowing how mending a kite can mend a family as well... this kind of insight, intuition and problem solving—with a dash of magic—is what I aspire to bring to our work each day. In a word, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!”

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