June 27, 2019
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Art + Ambiguity

When nearly 400 bright and diverse leaders from all over the globe come together at one of the longest-running creativity conferences on Earth, the passion to create is contagious. As a proud sponsor and attendee of CPSI 2019, the Seed Strategy team organized and led a community art project to celebrate the power of ambiguity... along with the feelings, the aesthetic, and the spirit of collaboration that can thrive in the presence of uncertainty.

Seed’s SVP and Creative Director, Jeff Johns, facilitated the vision for the project and designed the format of the mural—which contained 512 individual tiles for CPSI attendees to color and design. While everybody was busy coloring away, Corey Beilstein, Seed’s SVP of Behavior and Research Design, tapped into the emotional lexicon of the participants, finding a range of words that captured the feelings of working through creative ambiguity. Throughout the five-day conference, the colored tiles were arranged and displayed, prompting many to stop and wonder what it would become, while also checking in on the visual display of emotions experienced by their peers. Overall, the energy and collaboration between attendees, a fine artist, a research designer and all the amazing volunteers was critical to bring the mural to life.

With the mural completed and the CPSI conference coming to a close, everyone who participated saw how the piece of artwork they generated combined with the artwork of the entire CPSI community to add up to something far greater than the sum of its parts.

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Jeff Johns is SVP, Creative at Seed Strategy where he consistently delivers breakthrough creative at lightning speed across a wide range of best-in-class design practices: packaging, branding, shelf aisle optimization and advertising.

Corey Beilstein is a Senior Vice President, Behavior and Research Design at Seed Strategy. He blends research technologies with his background in behavioral sciences and cognitive psychology to decode consumers and unlock breakthrough insights.

Edited by Matt Donahue and  Adam Siegel.

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