October 2, 2018

Brains-Storm (yes, that’s plural)

Seed’s new continuous innovation platform harnesses the power of co-creation to build better ideas.

Sometimes, more really is more.

And that’s the idea behind Seed’s unique new digital ideation tool: you get more minds, in more places, doing more thinking. Which leads to more successful, business-changing ideas.

Dream Up’s subscription-based online platform is intuitively designed to facilitate idea-inspiring interaction between diverse groups of people—whether they’re consumers, category experts or an internal panel from your organization. Dream Up can even accommodate various combinations of the above, bringing diverse interests and aptitudes together, unlike any other methodology.

Designed from the ground up to push participant thinking into untapped areas, Dream Up starts with thought-provoking stimuli that challenge in-going expectations and encourage out-of-the-box solutions. The user interface takes cues from human psychology, creating a “safe space” for free thinking and uninhibited experimentation. It’s shown to inspire greater levels of participation—especially from those who might be more hesitant in traditional ideation environments. Through in-depth discussions, panels and exercises, fledgling ideas have the potential to evolve, grow and mature… into something truly game-changing.

Designed to run continuously or periodically, Dream Up’s dynamic, customizable format allows workflow to be optimized to suit your specific needs. Each session can be as long-term or quick-turn as you’d like, making it ideal for any stage of the ideation process. And once ideation is underway, the tool provides the flexibility to incorporate newly created or updated stimuli/activities, or ask participants to rank and review what they’ve created at any time. It’s effective. It’s adaptive. It’s repeatable. And it’s tailored to your unique requirements, throughout every step of the process.

Contact Cherri Prince to learn more about how your organization can leverage the power of digital co-creation, to build better, bolder, more provocative ideas.


Written by Matt Donahue. As a member of Seed’s copywriting team, Matt marries his love for creative writing with a keen interest in product innovation, technology and science. He’s a graduate of Seton Hill University’s “Popular Fiction” master’s program and writes whenever he can.

Edited by Adam Siegel. In addition to being the Editor of The Accelerator, Adam is a Creative Director at Seed Strategy where he draws upon his diverse experience in advertising, research and innovation to craft breakthrough creative and winning concept copy.

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