February 17, 2021
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A New Chapter: Buecker Pioneers Role as EVP, Strategic Narration

Humans are wired for stories. No matter the context or content, presenting information in story form drives understanding, excitement and recall. More succinctly, stories make us feel connected.

That’s why Seed Strategy is pleased to announce that Chad Buecker will be establishing a new role as EVP, Strategic Narration. In this position, Buecker will serve as a subject matter expert in narration and storytelling for the agency and its parent company, Burke, Inc., combining strategic thinking with best-in-class data and creative.

“Attention is at a premium—whether we’re talking about consumers or business leaders—so the art and science of a sound narrative can make or break the impact of a deliverable,” said Seed President, Eric Scheer. “Chad possesses vast strategic experience and a knack for building meaningful stories, which makes him the perfect choice for this new role.”

From crafting compelling presentations to conceiving wow-worthy new deliverable formats, these succinct narratives will illuminate data and reveal strategic solutions, helping clients take action within their organizations.

“I’m extremely excited to take on this new role,” said Buecker. “This is a culmination of passions that will not only elevate the strategic thinking across Burke and Seed, but also help our clients achieve their business goals and move their organizations forward.”

Buecker joined Seed in 2009 and has over 25 years of industry experience spanning innovation, advertising and research. Over the past 11 years, he has established himself as a devoted and trusted strategic partner to clients across industries, consistently helping cross-functional teams unite under an inspiring vision for a brighter future.


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