The Fire Theft Project

March 18, 2021

The Craft of Jess Rona – The Fire Theft Project

It all started with a Pekingese named Noodle. Well, Jess Rona’s career as a dog groomer began long before Noodle, but her public ascent can be traced back to one fluffy, blow-dried, wind-swept moment, captured in a slow-mo Instagram video. Since then, she’s used the platform to elevate her impeccable skill and magnetic energy, casting new light on grooming and the skill required. “I want to be one of the pioneers that shows the world what dog grooming can be,” she tells Angela Jones.

March 18, 2021

The Light of Peter Himmelman – The Fire Theft Project

Peter Himmelman started his creative life in avant-garage bands, in Minnesota, but unlocked his artistic core when he wrote a nakedly emotional love song for his dying father, in 1983. Today, after transitioning through a number of creative roles—including composing for TV and children’s music—he’s followed his restless muse to a new role as a lecturer, coach and author, helping others realize their own human potential. “If you cling too closely to what happened in the past and don’t create space for what’s happening now, it’s very difficult to move forward,” he tells Robert Cherry.

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