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Taylor Exline-Ward

Senior Strategist

If you need to get somewhere better in a hurry, Taylor combines curiosity and strategic vision in a way that consistently inspires clients to run confidently into the future. Her ability to quickly balance micro and macro elements empowers our team to craft a nimble yet rock-solid foundation with a limitless potential for growth. If you’re ready to get up to speed, then Taylor is the perfect partner for you.

Especially good at:
Innovation, consumer research, brand architecture.

Favorite part of the work:
Coming up with ideas that can change the game for our clients—propelling them into a new category, connecting them with a new consumer, or allowing them to see a clear path for growth.

Alter ego:
A Chef. “Combining a love for bringing ingredients (and people!) together in new and exciting ways, with the freedom to try new things and push boundaries, to create moments, memories and joy through delicious food and flavors.”

News Feed

July 31, 2018 News

Exline-Ward Promoted to Senior Strategist

By Taylor Exline

Seed Strategy is proud to announce that Taylor Exline-Ward has been promoted to Senior Strategist. In this new role, Exline-Ward will continue partnering with brand leaders and change-agents to guide and advise teams as they navigate the path towards meaningful innovation and impactful growth. Exline-Ward joined Seed in the summer of 2014 and has quickly […]

February 10, 2017 Accelerator

Strategic Targeting: Why Marketing to Millennials is All Wrong

By Taylor Exline

Want to earn loyal brand converts and pump up your margins in the process? Stop targeting Millennials (or any other generational group). Seriously. Find out why profiling consumers based on things like behavior, attitudes and needs—instead of demographics—can make a greater impact on your bottom line. Related

June 3, 2016 News

Seed Welcomes Two Summer Associates

By Taylor Exline

The Seed Strategy Internship Program recently kicked off its ninth consecutive year, welcoming two talented college students to spend 10 weeks with the growth acceleration firm. Related

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