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"Live passionately."

Shira Beder

Senior Strategist

Studies have shown that playing an instrument can stimulate exceptional brain growth. And considering Shira’s been playing cello for 12+ years, you pretty much don’t need to know anything else about her. But we’re going to tell you anyway. She’s a natural storyteller, a behavioral psychology enthusiast and consumer research whiz. All of which play in perfect harmony with everything Seed does.

Especially good at:
Strategic storytelling. Shira blends her creative background with a passion for marketing and business analytics to craft compelling narratives that are based in concrete evidence.

Favorite part of the work:
Bringing people together. Every project is a team effort, with each person bringing unique perspective and expertise to the table. All of the synthesizing and collaboration often feels like putting together a giant puzzle, and is just as rewarding in the end.

Alter ego:
Hermione from Harry Potter. “She’s a master at bringing people together—even with drastically different personalities—to work towards a goal. She’s hardworking, detail oriented and fiercely determined to achieve anything she sets her mind to.”

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