Where Clarity Grows

"I love when the science and art of what we do come crashing together."

Sean Smyth

EVP, Head of Strategy

Don’t let that smile and perfect hair fool you. As an experienced marketer who has developed brand equities across five continents, Sean specializes in guiding (and gently pushing) clients through the ambiguities of innovation by grounding the experience in solid principles that build certainty and confidence—often by defying established conventions.

Especially good at:
Seeing both sides of the equation. He’s had experience with both agency and client-side marketing, across all sorts of categories, consumer segments and geographical markets. Expertise includes developing product pipelines, brand positions and architecture, marketing strategies, brand expansion plans and meaningful product differentiation.

Favorite part of the work:
Hearing from a client that one of our collaborations has lived on well past the deliverable due date. He also really enjoys seeing the products that we had a hand in developing being enjoyed by consumers. After all, that's the fun part—knowing that our work made a difference for the client team and their end-user.

Alter ego:
Mr. Miyagi (The Karate Kid). “I loved Bruce Lee when I was a kid (still do), but I'm just not that cool (sadly). Mr. Miyagi is calm, he listens before he acts, and he believes if something is worth doing, it's worth doing well. He likes to teach and advise. He also appreciates life and enjoys the simple things that bring joy.”

News Feed

April 15, 2020 Accelerator

The Game-Changing Nature of Gratitude

By Sean Smyth

Many of us are looking at things with a different perspective now—and rightfully so. Previous lessons provide a fresh, more powerful impact when viewed through the lens of the Covid-19 era. 

January 15, 2019 Accelerator

Biodiversity — 3 Ingredients to Know from the Winter Fancy Food Show

By Sean Smyth

In the simplest of terms, biodiversity is critical to life on earth. It boosts ecosystem productivity wherein all species have a role to play, no matter how small. However, a loss of biodiversity—that is, the reduction or loss of a species, whether plant or animal—creates unstable ecosystems, and adversely affects our food chain (perhaps irreversibly). […]

April 2, 2015 Accelerator

Four Steps to Achieve the Right Tempo

By Sean Smyth

Clients often come to Seed for help launching new initiatives that will take their businesses to the next level. For better or worse, most business leaders want to tackle these endeavors at warp speed. But faster isn’t always better.

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