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"Alongside the right people, innovation isn't work, it's play."

Robert Cherry

EVP, Chief Creative Officer

Great ideas are always optimistic. That’s Rob’s code and role as our irrepressible idea leader. He creates an atmosphere of trust, inspiration and enthusiasm to help Seed’s high-performing creative team do their best work on each and every project. While he is amazingly calm on the outside, the ideas he fosters are anything but. Which makes him the perfect upbeat instigator for whatever we’ll be thinking about next.

Especially good at:
Leading creative teams and generating show-stopping ideas (not mutually exclusive). He’s worked across countless brands, categories and capabilities, inspiring teams to achieve their next big thing. Specialties include marketing communications, new-product innovation, brand building, storytelling and more.

Favorite part of the work:
Having played in rock bands for most of his life, he has a passion for creative collaboration. With the right minds in the room, the ideas only get bigger and better faster.

Alter ego:
David Bowie. “I’ve always appreciated Bowie’s ability to synthesize lots of disparate influences into something fresh and new, as well as his generous approach to collaboration. He always brought out the absolute best in the artists he worked with.”

News Feed

April 20, 2018 News

Burke Builds Cincinnati HQ for Seed

By Robert Cherry

We’re thrilled to announce that construction is underway on a building for Seed on the downtown Cincinnati campus of Burke, Inc., our parent company. Read more about the move and our new modern treehouse-inspired space.

November 19, 2016 News

Turning Gray Areas Into Green

By Robert Cherry

In business, ambiguity is known by many names. The fuzzy front end. Analysis paralysis. The unknown unknowns. But however it’s spelled, it’s often perceived as a four-letter word. Which is a shame. At Seed Strategy, we only see opportunity in ambiguity.

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