Where Clarity Grows

"Developing a winning brand is like developing a winning race car—you need the best team, the best strategy and the best execution."

Ralph Solarski

SVP, Managing Director of Life Sciences

Every idea needs a champion. For the lucky ones, that champion is Ralph. In his 30+-year career spanning a breadth of markets and functions, Ralph has masterfully championed the development and launch of over two-dozen new products and countless commercial programs. He’s a motivating leader, passionate innovator and inspiring partner for brands that are ready to see their next big idea break into the winner’s circle.

Especially good at:
Translating vision into reality. Ralph has experience in all steps of the innovation process—from research and development to marketing execution—along with the deep life sciences know-how that’s required to navigate the journey from fresh idea to actual activation.

Favorite part of the work:
Creating a legacy. The most poignant project moments are those where the team can feel the positive energy of progress and the electricity of knowing they’re making history for the brand.

Alter ego:
Gene Kranz (Apollo 13). “His iconic quote—‘failure is not an option’—truly embodies my mindset. Nothing good is ever easy. Oftentimes, the greater the potential, the greater the challenges to get there. That’s where creativity, ingenuity, persistence and determination coalesce into exciting, innovative, first-of-their-kind solutions. It’s tough going, but the payoff can be priceless!”

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