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"Life's not a rehearsal; make every scene count."

Mike Sweeney

Motion Graphic Designer

Here’s what you need to know about Mike: he will make you and your idea look famous. Combining fearless creativity with storytelling mastery, Mike utilizes leading-edge visual effects, animation and cinematic techniques to bring ideas to life in custom-crafted videos that are equal parts strategic, captivating and darn-near Oscar-worthy. Prepare your speech now. You’ve been warned.

Especially good at:
Animating motion graphics videos, and producing work that makes the audience shout, “Play it again!!!”

Favorite part of the work:
The moment when he finally gets to see all the different aspects of a video come to together and work seamlessly.

Alter ego:
Chief Martin Brody (Jaws). “I might not always know what I’m doing at first, but I always figure it out eventually.”

News Feed

January 29, 2019 News

Set Your Ideas in Motion

By Mike Sweeney

Every great idea deserves a chance to shine. Seed’s approach to video-based storytelling provides the creative spark that turns cool ideas into glowing opportunities. Let us help you explore the ways to create multi-sensory experiences that inspire deeper connections, entertain and inform diverse audiences, build rapid understanding, and transform intangible concepts into energizing realities. Related

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