Where Clarity Grows

"It takes one moment, idea or decision to change the direction of your life."

Lauren Dekker

Senior Strategist

Exploring isn’t just in Lauren’s nature. It’s her way of life. Whether she’s in the office or out in the world, chances are you’ll find her blazing a new trail or discovering underutilized paths to see where they lead. Her adventurous spirit makes her a natural leader and fuels her passion for innovation and consumer understanding. Now, who’s up for a hike?

Especially good at:
Seeing the big picture—and the little one, too. Lauren revels in the challenge of understanding the vast competitive landscape and spotting the intersections between white-space opportunities and unmet consumer needs.

Favorite part of the work:
Working together with a bunch of brilliant minds. To the outsider, innovation may seem like the work of a single mastermind, but the magic of Seed is bringing together multiple people to create bigger, stronger ideas.

Alter ego:
Hiker. “Aside from my passion for connecting with nature, I also identify with hiking in my work. Exploring unknown paths, discovering exciting opportunities and knowing that a single decision can take you in an entirely new direction. And in both cases, the most difficult ‘hikes’ are also the most rewarding.”

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