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"I love seeing the epiphany occur for someone—the light bulb moment."

John Kitzmiller

VP, Creative Director

You name it, he’s drawn it. A prolific creative with over 20 years in the industry, John is an experienced innovator and leader who consistently delivers compelling design that pushes boundaries and perfectly synchs up with brand strategy. That’s a fancy way of saying that he sketches ideas into reality really, really well.

Especially good at:
Advertising and marketing in all media, branding, CPG package design, illustration, innovation… and mediocre guitar.

Favorite part of the work:
Creating in a team environment. It’s amazing to watch a group of really creative and strategic individuals grow an idea from a simple spark to a fully-fledged concept. The group setting allows the team to explore the outer fringes of their imaginations and ask "why not?"—then see how the thinking opens up. It's a great journey.

Alter ego:
The Explorer. “Never wanting to be fenced in or trapped in conformity, the Explorer is always searching for a better, more authentic, more fulfilling life. Count me in.”

News Feed

June 24, 2016 News

Kitzmiller Promoted to VP, Creative

By John Kitzmiller

Seed Strategy is thrilled to announce the promotion of John Kitzmiller from Creative Director to VP, Creative. In his new position, Kitzmiller will take on a more prominent creative leadership role within the agency. Related

July 16, 2015 Career Leading

Why You Should Become Comfortable with Feeling Uncomfortable

By John Kitzmiller

Every brand person has been there—sitting in a meeting when someone from the agency presents a design, strategy or new product idea that is so surprising, they’re just not sure what to think. Is he joking? Did she not get the brief? Does our agency not have a drug screening policy? Related

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