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"Get your hands dirty and elevate the creative process to new heights."

Jeff Johns

SVP, Creative Director

Imagine a temperamental artist without the salty temperament and you pretty much know what makes Jeff tick. Delivering actionable design at lightning speed, Jeff combines his 20 years of industry experience with his passion for consumer-first innovation (and finger-first painting) to inspire compelling creative, from packaging to branding to social media and beyond, with a genial artistic flair that is all his own.

Especially good at:
Delivering distinct and resonant design solutions across a wide range of consumer product categories and environments. Specialties include consumer co-creation, branding, data visualization, social media, new product development and more.

Favorite part of the work:
Collaborating with the team to push the end product way beyond our wildest dreams, delivering something that simplifies consumers’ lives in a fresh way.

Alter ego:
A Grower. “From planting trees, to growing brands, to consistently increasing my painting portfolio, nothing is more fulfilling than planting the seed for the next ‘tree.’ With a little patience, knowledge and persistence, you can grow whatever you put your mind to—and receive the most gratifying reward.”

News Feed

January 5, 2018 Career Leading

Ten Inspiring Innovation Conferences Happening in 2018

By Jeff Johns

Offering thought-provoking insights, deep dives on trends and unique networking opportunities, innovation conferences can be one of the richest sources of inspiration for any innovator. And the good news is that there are plenty of quality options to choose from this year. Related

September 13, 2017 Consumer Culture

The Irresistible Draw of Seasonal Products

By Jeff Johns

With summer long gone and the colder weather kicking in, many of us are now cozying up with seasonal fall and winter favorites like the #PSL (pumpkin spice latte). But the seasonal craze isn’t just limited to drinks. Related

October 19, 2016 News

Personalities Shine in Seed’s New Employee Photos

By Jeff Johns

People are central to the Seed story. Each person has been chosen because of the unique skills that he or she brings to every project. Creative director Eric Scheer, and photographer Kevin Brummer recently embarked on a mission to highlight these one-of-a-kind personal attributes. Related

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