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"To find the simplest and most powerful truths, take a moment to look beneath the surface."

Donna Zaring

VP, Strategy

Donna knew this day was coming. How? Because she is able to see into future. No, not the knowing-the-lottery-numbers future (as if!), but rather the I-see-where-your-company-needs-to-evolve type. Which, in all honesty, is much better suited for Seed. With more than 20 years of marketing industry expertise, Donna’s past is definitely an indicator of her future results. Just wait until you see what she has already foreseen.

Especially good at:
Finding the essence. Her superpower is quickly synthesizing tons of input and pinpointing the pearls. And with experience across global CPG, healthcare, industrial and retail, in advertising, marketing and strategic consulting, she can see those sparkling specs in any type of situation.

Favorite part of the work:
Learning everything she can. Donna loves digging in, immersing in a category and brand’s legacy, and asking the important questions that help unlock future possibilities.

Alter ego:
Amelia Earhart. “She was totally fearless. She used her knowledge, intuition and expertise to do things that nobody had ever done. She’s a great reminder that there’s nothing you can imagine that you can’t do.”

News Feed

January 8, 2020 Accelerator

4 Top Tech Takeaways from #CES2020

By Donna Zaring

Our first day at CES was incredible! With over 180,000 people here to see the world’s most cutting-edge tech, to say it’s a huge event is an understatement. From hybrid-electric flying cars, to retinal scan payments, to artificial humans, CES is a technological treasure we have only begun to discover.

February 28, 2019 News

Zaring Promoted to VP, Strategy

By Donna Zaring

Seed Strategy is pleased to announce that Donna Zaring has been promoted to VP, Strategy. In this new position, Zaring will assume a more prominent strategic leadership role, applying her talents for creative and strategic solutions as well as effective team building across even more of Seed and Burke’s business. Since joining Seed in 2017, Zaring […]

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