Where Clarity Grows

"Tune out the noise and focus only on the essential."

David Hayes

VP, Technology Innovation

Human error? That’s so 20th century. Dave has moved beyond that in ways we cannot begin to comprehend. Seriously, we have no idea how he does it. As the leader of everything web at Seed—from user interface design to front-end and server-side programming—Dave specializes in creatively applying new tech and providing real solutions to complex business challenges. Or in other words, he’s our Alexa.

Especially good at:
Simplifying the dizzying array of technology issues and options to find the best solutions for complex business challenges. For 30+ years, Dave has employed both analytical and creative skillsets to deal with all aspects of interactive media design and development.

Favorite part of the work:
Doing the impossible. The most rewarding projects are the ones that seem to be out of reach at first.

Alter ego:
Jazz drummer. “Having spent time in that role a number of years ago, I find parallels in my work at Seed... It feels like being part of a rhythm section, helping to move everything forward at the proper tempo. Working within a framework, but with the freedom to improvise and innovate.”

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