Where Clarity Grows

"Don’t settle for the stairs… find the trampoline."

Chris Faldetta

SVP, Strategy & Innovation

Chris is known to wear two different shoes. Well, not literally. But having spent a bunch of time in both agency-side and client-side roles, she’s walked well over a mile in both sets of shoes, and now wears them all quite comfortably. A masterful insight diviner and innovation shepherd, Chris uses her vast and varied experience to distill the complexities of your reality into a clear, actionable plan you can really run with.

Especially good at:
Getting to the heart of the matter. Chris is exceptional at connecting disparate pieces of information, cutting through the clutter to illuminate the true story.

Favorite part of the work:
Building something from the ground up. She loves taking the foundation that exists, developing a blueprint and turning “what if” into “what is.”

Alter ego:
Brand Therapist. “Helping a brand begins with listening and asking the right questions, just like a skilled therapist. From there, I’m able to identify the underlying situations and equip the brand with what it needs to break through.”

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