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"At the start, projects can feel like a 10,000-piece puzzle. It's a thrill to find those first few pieces that fit together."

Angela Jones

Creative Director

For some, writing comes easy. No one likes people like that. Which is why Angela agonizes over every word until it is as close to perfect as the laws of writing allow. A supremely strategic thinker with a fascination with consumer insight, Angela captures the essence of new ideas, helping lead teams towards a fully realized creative vision. And while it never comes easy, she does make it look that way.

Especially good at:
Blending creativity with strategy. She also shines in concept development, innovation and naming.

Favorite part of the work:
Learning everything she can about something new. At the beginning of every project, she loves rolling up her sleeves and digging in. Whether it’s immersing in the target or the category or the tangentially related, she loves getting into the weeds to emerge with all the know-how she needs to create. After all, the more you know…

Alter ego:
Hermione (Harry Potter). “She’s a hard worker, can see both the big picture and the fine details, and is especially good at dreaming up creative solutions to get her and the gang out of whatever pickle they’re in.”

News Feed

August 10, 2017 Career Leading

How Spinning a Flag Helped Me Grow as a Marketer

By Angela Jones

For five years, I was a member of a world-class drum corps. (No, I am not a drummer.) Drum corps, in the simplest sense, could be described as professional marching band. It’s a team of nearly 200 brass and percussion musicians and color guard performers who rehearse and tour the country for an intense three […]

June 21, 2017 Career Leading

The Danger of Expertise

By Angela Jones

In our business, like any other, expertise is the gold standard for excellence. Getting years under your belt, accolades on your track record and any number of other jargony metaphors is the benchmark for success. But does this accumulation of time and experience really equate to superior performance? Related

February 10, 2017 Career Leading

5 Creative Habits For “Non-Creative” People

By Angela Jones

“I’m not creative.” Sound familiar? If so, you’re not alone. The phrase has become a standard chorus for many, especially those caught up in the day-to-day grind of a “non-creative” job. Related

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