June 27, 2017
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Musician Damian Kulash Redefines Creativity with ‘The Fire Theft Project’—New Issue Out Now

The ninth issue of Seed Strategy’s The Fire Theft Project: Conversations on Creativity features Damian Kulash, front man of the alternative rock band and music video icon OK Go. The new digital magazine is now available on the magazine’s website,

In this eye-opening interview, Kulash discusses his almost-paradoxical approach to the creative process, placing emphasis on the importance of both pragmatism and prolificacy. Over the past 20 years, he and OK Go have been pioneers of the internet space, rethinking what it means to be a “rock band” and exploring an identity closer to that of an art collective. “You have to be an egotist, or a moron, or a dreamer, or all of the above to even try at this,” he tells interviewer Angela Jones.


  1. Finding creative balance: Leading a creative life requires taking risks, and Damian explores how he managed his practical inclinations with his creative passions. “Plan B probably wasn’t going to work in the end.”
  2. Adapting to an evolving industry: “You could feel that the music industry was drying up, and you could feel something else opening up in the digital world.”
  3. Discovering the lost videos: With millions of views each, most people have seen OK Go’s popular music videos. However, not even Damian was sure if these 12 video-shorts from the band’s early days still existed—but we found them.

Published by Seed Strategy, The Fire Theft Project is an interview series on the subject of creativity. Each issue shares a conversation with a creative thought leader, going in depth to reveal the courage required to lead a creative life and the process involved in bringing new things to the world. The online magazine is designed with the modern reader in mind, with an easy-to-scan Q&A format, rich with engaging sidebars and interactive features.

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