November 10, 2014
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The Top 10 Tech-Related, Holiday-Themed Top-10 Lists… Of All Time.

Sooner or later, it’s something we all face: you’re looking for the perfect techy top-10 list for the holidays. The one that tops them all. The one that arbitrarily ranks 10 gadgets according to one person’s half-informed, financially biased opinion better than ALL the others.

No doubt, you feel alone. Lost. The vast and unforgiving landscape of holiday top-10 lists is no place for amateurs. Luckily, there is a lifeline in the darkness. So grab hold… and hang on… to the very first holiday/tech top-10 list that ranks other holiday/tech top-10 lists.

Because let’s face it: it’s a big world out there. And when there’s more than 10 of anything… you just need help.


“Top 10 Worst Tech Presents for Christmas”—2011

Ah, yes—2011. A time of transition in the tech world. When tablets overtook netbooks, when people weren’t sure where the next trends were leading. Well, my friend, hindsight is 20/20—and this stuff clearly, visibly and obviously shouldn’t have made anyone’s list. Click here for article

“10 Excellent Holiday Tech Gifts for Women”—2013

While gender roles are becoming less defined, it’s still safe to say your girlfriend won’t give a crap about the latest benchmarks from Intel’s new line of 10-nanometer Core i7 processors. Sorry. But here’s the next best thing: 10 stylish, purse-friendly gizmos she probably won’t hate. Click here for article

“The Best Tech Gadgets for Pets”—2014

In recent years, tech-themed top-10 lists have greatly expanded their scope of social relevance, often targeting groups not traditionally seen as “tech enthusiasts.” The point is, that technology is here for everyone—even if you lack opposable thumbs, drink out of toilets and have no capacity to contemplate your own mortality. Click here for article

“Top 10 Technologies to Help You Win the Holiday Rat Race”—2013

This strikingly thoughtful, beautifully written piece explores the impact of modern technology on our most cherished holiday traditions. It shows humanity. Empathy. Pathos. And convenient ways to cut corners on everything from decorating, to gift giving, to interacting with members of your extended family. Click here for article

“Top 10 gadgets to gift this Diwali”—2010

Hindus have been exchanging gifts for Diwali—a festival of lights symbolizing the triumph of wisdom over ignorance—for over 1,000 years. And they’ve probably been making top-10 lists nearly that long. Here’s a modern example, showing the hottest tech gifts available as of 2010. Click here for article

“Wired: Best Gifts For Outdoor Survivalists”—2010

Living “off the grid” in an isolated compound, surrounded by impregnable walls of canned goods from 1996 shouldn’t mean missing out on the latest holiday tech. So this list is for you, oh ardent seekers of truth, justice and edible fungi. Click here for article


“Top 10 Boomer & Senior Friendly Tech Gadget Gifts for 2010”—2010

We all know that people over 50 can’t see past their thumbs. Let alone fathom the intricate complexities of anything more advanced than the Archimedes screw. And that’s why, in 2010, published this convenient list of tech gifts suitable for boomers who choose to self-identify with played-out stereotypes. Rock on, rock-n-roll generation. Click here for article

“10 Obsolete Gadgets That Made Great Gifts Back in 2000”—2009

The holidays are a time for reflection. A time of nostalgia. Especially when you think about all the “state of the art” gadgets you’ve gifted over the years… now collecting dust in attics, storage units and sock drawers. So check this one out—and grab a tissue as the memories come rushing back. Click here for article



Right here, right now—you’re experiencing holiday top-10 list history. That’s why this issue of The Tech Set claims the coveted number-two spot on, umm… this issue of The Tech Set. Which begs the question: what kind of transcendentally awesome top-10-list greatness does it take to claim the number-one spot? Read on, friend. Read on. Click here for article


“Worst Tech 2000-2009: Gadgets That Failed To Impress”—2009

Is it because of the wide-ranging historical scope? Is it because of the profound existential context, so apparent in our failures as a species? Is it because the dude in the opening slide has that glint in his eye—the kind that only a full-sized PC, strapped securely to the body, can bring? “Yes.” So happy holidays. And may your deepest, darkest, most magical top-10 list wishes come true this season. Click here for article

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