October 23, 2013
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THE TECH SET. Machines Ruling Our World.

We’ve all heard it. At some point, we’ve probably all said it: Technology is making us dumber. Computers do all the work, real creative genius is all but gone… lost in a sea of technological shortcuts.


On the contrary, tech has changed the destination of the creative journey. Because with new tools, we can reach new heights. We can explore new dimensions, test new boundaries and surmount new creative challenges. So here are ten technological triumphs that expand the mind and unlock the creative spirit:

10. The Inspiration Grid

First thing’s first: you need inspiration. And if you don’t live in some exotic locale that poets pine over, you’ll have to rely on the next best thing: It’s a forum for evocative, mind-opening images. And it’s a great place to launch your next creative expedition. Learn more »

9. Penultimate

When inspiration strikes, the ideas flow. Sometimes like a faucet. Sometimes like a waterfall. And if you’re not prepared, the floodwaters of innovation will rush right past you. Luckily, the Penultimate iPad app gives you a way to soak it all in. Scribble, scrawl, dabble in pentametric verse—whatever it is, Penultimate lets you get it down. Learn more »

8. Nuvigil

For many, coffee is the go-to creative crutch. But a new class of… ahem… “supplements” called nootropics purports to boost cognitive function by elevating neurotransmitter levels in the brain. For quicker, clearer, more original thoughts, try Nuvigil—the latest and greatest of the nootropics. Learn more »

7. Wacom Inkling

If drawing is your thing, Wacom Inkling should be a no-brainer. Stick it on the top of a 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper, start sketching (on said sheet of paper) and Inkling flawlessly turns your fleeting freehand artistry into digital posterity. You can even define layers up front, as you draw, so working sketches into Photoshop is a breeze. Learn more »

6. FL Studio

Racks, synthesizers, mixing boards, keys—nowadays, even a run-of-the-mill PC can emulate every component of a brick-and-mortar recording studio. FL Studio, from Image-Line, lets you experiment with software synthesizers, drums and effects in an easy-to-use interface. Sequence by hand or play it old-school with a MIDI keyboard. Learn more »

5. Plot Control Software

Writers are always plotting. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. But most of the time, for a story. Plot Control, from Reelwriting, helps writers organize their disparate musings into a coherent, logical framework that ensures proper dramatic escalation. Learn more »

4. IdeaFrame

For entrepreneurs, creativity’s a little different—it costs money. So the IdeaFrame app lets you input all of your wannabe-Wall Street ideas into an intelligent matrix that breaks everything down into profit centers and expenses. If column A is higher than column B, you’ve got yourself a business. If not… try again. Learn more »

3. Autodesk Homestyler

We all want to set our homes up our way. But if you’re a true creative, this seemingly simple task will no doubt regress into an epic, soul-searching quest for self-expression. That’s why there’s the Autodesk Homestyler—a 2D CAD app that lets you design and furnish your dream home from the ground up. Pink wallpaper and all. Learn more »

2. Thought Imaging Technology

The purpose of art, one might argue, is to reveal the otherwise invisible world of the internal mind. But soon, “thought art” might actually be a reality: by cross-referencing brain wave patterns with visual stimuli, scientists can infer what mental images are manifesting based on solely on someone’s EEG readings. And they can put it on TV. Learn more »

1. IDeator

Powered by “Art and Science,” the IDeator seamlessly, autonomously and intelligently creates groundbreaking new-product nomenclature—literally at the touch of a button. But beware: instantly attaining this level of sublime ideating power can inflate egos, change lives, make and break careers. You have been warned. Learn more »

Matt Donahue is a Senior Copywriter at Seed Strategy. 

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