December 31, 2014
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The Power of the sPanel: Seed’s Data-Driven Storytelling

Research is about more than just collecting great data—it’s about creating a meaningful, actionable story. That’s the spirit behind Seed Strategy’s sPanel quali-quant research methodology.

Watch this brief video to learn how Associate Researcher Young Lee discusses the power of Seed’s data-driven storytelling.

“Hello my name is Young Lee. I’m an associate researcher at Seed Strategy, the growth acceleration firm. It’s one thing to get great data quickly but my favorite part of what we do here at Seed is seeing how great data can be transformed into exciting stories. That’s exactly what happens when we use our signature S-Panel methodology, it’s an online survey methodology that lets us get data quickly, but we ask great questions to really uncover consumer’s minds qualitatively and quantitatively. The combination of qualitative and quantitative measures really gets behind why the consumers choose and form their opinions based on the combination of these two results. With these results, we can optimize ideas and position ourselves for success on the way to store shelves and into consumers’ lives. That’s why I really like and really love this methodology. It’s really uncovering the narrative of consumers’ lives and their behavior. This way, we can understand their wants and needs and ultimately improve their lives.”

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