Industry Thinking

May 5, 2014

THE TECH SET: Disturbing the Technological Peace

We’re all told it’s bad to be disruptive. Don’t disrupt class. Don’t disrupt meetings. Don’t disrupt bingo night at your grandmother’s retirement home. Anything we do to impede the predictable, stable progression of the status quo is seen as social mutiny. But sometimes, it pays to rock the boat.

January 27, 2014

SPARKS Creative inspiration from Fred Armisen

We recently spoke with Portlandia star and co-creator Fred Armisen for the premiere issue of The Fire Theft Project, our new interview series on creative fire. Here are a few of the key insights we learned from the conversation.

November 7, 2013


‘Tis the season… to realize you can’t possibly get the lights up, dinner made, tree decorated and snow shoveled in time for the in-laws to arrive. But that’s okay. Technology is advancing. And soon—with a few clicks, beeps and a AA battery (or two)—you might actually stand a chance of winning the “Holiday Rat Race.” 

October 23, 2013

THE TECH SET. Machines Ruling Our World.

We’ve all heard it. At some point, we’ve probably all said it: Technology is making us dumber. Computers do all the work, real creative genius is all but gone… lost in a sea of technological shortcuts.

October 23, 2013

THE TECH SET. Machines Ruling our World.

These days, flying’s not always first class. But change is on the horizon—and we’re talkin’ a lot more than just extra legroom. Here’s a sneak peek at ten emerging technologies that will help make the skies friendly again.

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