November 29, 2015
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All About Cyber Monday

It’s not just a day anymore. It’s a lifestyle.

It’s Cyber Monday… all season long.

The first deals show up early in November, building to a heady crescendo of superlative savings roughly 12 hours before actual Cyber Monday. Beyond that, some retailers will continue the deals into December. So if you wanna live the dream, get in on the action early. And often.

So keep an eye out for great deals, on…

Electronics, appliances, clothes, toys and travel—this is where you’ll find the bulk of Cyber Monday savings. But what about food? Cars? Power tools? Surplus Ex-Soviet MiGs? Hey, it’s Cyber Monday—the day of opportunity, in the land of opportunity. Deals could crop up anywhere, anytime. So keep your eyes open.

And use your “Invisible Hand” to compare prices.

240 years ago, Adam Smith used the term “Invisible Hand” to describe the unseen forces of supply and demand in a market economy. And now, “Invisible Hand” is an iPhone app that lets you seamlessly compare prices on… everything. Way to keep the dream alive, A-Money.

But don’t forget to call Granny.

Because she has a website that lets you buy retail gift cards for less than the dollar amount they’re good for. So, let me just clarify that: you can buy a $30 dollar gift card for less than $30. Now that’s what I call a good Grandma.

And if you can’t buy it now, layaway that low price.

Chances are, you’ll see something you want for a super, super low price that you can almost afford. Thankfully, many online retailers have layaway plans—lock in your low price with a minimal down payment, pay it off a month or two later… when the rest of the hapless blokes are paying full retail for that same item. Success.

Just make sure it is a low price.

Just because it says “sale,” doesn’t necessarily mean it is one. One place’s “ultra-low” price might actually be higher than the everyday price somewhere else. And pay attention to shipping. Some places offer free shipping; some places gouge you so you’re actually paying more overall with shipping costs.

And while you’re at it, move to California.

Because it’s awesome. And, because there’s a state law saying gift cards never expire. So that gift card for Denny’s you found in your wallet from like 5 years ago? Yep. Still good in Cali, man. Talk about a Grand Slam…

As a member of Seed’s copywriting team, Matt Donahue marries his love for creative writing with a keen interest in product innovation, technology and science. He’s a graduate of Seton Hill University’s “Popular Fiction” master’s program and writes whenever he can.

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