Industry Thinking

October 24, 2018 Industry Thinking

THE JARGONIST: Breaking Down Business’ Buzziest Terms

Co-create verb co-cre-ate (pronounced: kō-krē’āt) Definition: to bring into existence something of mutual value by joining together two or more people previously separated by distinct roles (e.g., marketing and research and development; manufacturer and retail customer; brand and consumer). Approached effectively, co-creation can maximize combined expertise and competencies. Used in a sentence: The brand team co-created […]

October 15, 2018 Industry Thinking

Looking Forward to TMRE 2018

More than 1,100 market research and insights execs are about to assemble in Scottsdale, Arizona for The Market Research Event (TMRE). TMRE provides a place for industry professionals to unite in order to learn about unlocking transformational insights that can serve as a powerful force for business success.

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