February 13, 2015
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Seed’s Perfect Circle for Qualitative Research

A conversation among friends—it’s not exactly what comes to mind when you think “consumer research.” But that kind of relaxed, casual atmosphere is often where you find the richest, most personal insights.

And with Seed’s unique Perfect Circle methodology, we’re there to hear it all. Insights Strategist Jamila Watson explains how it works…

Hello, I’m Jamila Watson, Insights Strategist with Seed Strategy, the growth acceleration firm. It’s simple, really. A conversation among friends is much more revealing and insightful than a discussion among strangers. That applies to marketing research as well, and it’s what drives our Perfect Circle qualitative research methodology. As one of our proven consumer decoding methods, Perfect Circles allow us to vet ideas with greater certainty, and uncover  richer insights… by revealing a more honest picture of consumers.

Seed skillfully recruits target consumers to host a discussion group in their homes with up to four friends who also fit a specific profile. Seed’s moderators employ a variety of engaging projective techniques while also injecting smart behavioral questions into the discussion. This allows for more honest probing of issues that transcend the superficial conversations you may get with other qualitative methods.

The pre-existing relationships and trust among the respondents, as well as the intimate, casual location allow us to go deeper, quicker. They are more relaxed, light-hearted and chatty. They keep each other honest. I’ve even seen the more outgoing respondents step up and lead the questioning themselves, challenging their friends’ opinions, as well as their responses… in a lighthearted way of course.

Not only does the Perfect Circle format uncover incredible insights, but it’s extremely versatile as well. It’s proven successful with a variety of discussion topics, learning objectives, industries and audiences. From kids, to boomer women, to couples, Perfect Circles allow us decode consumers at a deeper level,  so your brand can go further, faster.


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