January 29, 2019
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Super Innovating: Part III

Applying Coaching Innovation to Your Profession

Click here to read part I of the article, where we looked at what Bill Belichick will do on Sunday.
Click here to read part II of the article, where we looked at what Sean McVay will do on Sunday.


Football coaches aren’t exactly known for being the most innovative group. While some come along to disrupt the status quo, most have been successful by being very pro-quo. So watching two true innovative disrupters go head-to-head should make the Super Cuenco something to watch—but also something to learn from.

Think about the way you try to ideate and problem solve. From a Belichick perspective, if you allowed the competition to win the shorter-term battles, how could that open up opportunities for more lucrative long-term victories? What if you decided to totally diffuse your competitor’s greatest strength? How would that change things?

Using McVay’s style, we all know that speed to market is essential, but what if you added more motion to other areas that aren’t typically given priority, or were thought to not be viable for your industry/market segment—from rapid ideation to prototyping to actual test-and-learn in market? Technology has brought to life a myriad of decades-old ideas that were ahead of their time. If your company wanted to add a jet sweep wrinkle to your typical business formations, what would that actually mean?

But more importantly, what could you actually win?

Now that we’ve predicted what the coaches will do, here’s a few more Super predictions: the halftime show will underwhelm, Twitter will probably blow up for that one commercial that was really funny/controversial (even if you forgot the product) and the game will be very, very close.

Unless it isn’t.

Either way, have a great… err… I mean… super-b… Sunday!


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