January 29, 2019
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Super Innovating: Part II

What Sean McVay will do: Jet Sweep and Repeat and Repeat


Click here to read part I of the article, where we looked at what Bill Belichick will do on Sunday.


At 33 years old, Sean McVay of the Los Angeles Rams is the youngest professional head coach and it’s not even close. He got there because he has a photographic memory and a propensity for challenging the professional football status quo
when it comes to offensive innovation. All those big words can be translated into one distinct characteristic of McVay’s offensive philosophy—motion, motion and more motion.

When his team’s offense takes the field this Sunday you’ll notice one thing almost instantly—they move around a ton and they move fast. This is a deliberate way to keep the defense guessing which causes miscommunication and mismatches. One play in particular you will see a disproportionate amount of is the jet sweep.

The jet sweep is not a new play—in fact you see it in the college game all the time. It’s basically a wide receiver sprinting across the formation as the quarterback snaps the ball. Sometimes the WR gets the ball handed to him, sometimes he doesn’t. What sets McVay’s philosophy apart is that they do it so often in the professional game (this was scoffed at initially because all professional football players are fast, which was thought to negate the play’s effectiveness).

This takes a lot of practice and precision to work at this level. By adding this wrinkle into their standard offensive formations with the speed it takes to be run effectively, it makes game planning against his offense incredibly difficult.

Keep an eye out for this formational tactic—or even count the times you see the jet sweep occur. But whatever you do, do NOT make it a drinking game, you’ll lose consciousness before halftime.


Now that you’ve learned how Bill Belichick and Sean McVay will be orchestrating their Sunday, keep an eye out for part III of the article, where we’ll show you how you can apply their styles to your profession.


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