November 28, 2018

Get Smart on Marketing to Women—Take The SheQ™ Test

Assess and optimize your brand’s ability to reach the fastest growing consumer segment on the planet

SHEq n. – A subjective measure of an organization’s femme-savvy intelligence, as expressed through female-relevant marketing and brand experiences.

Women drive 70 to 80% of all purchase decisions and control the fate of $5 trillion annually. Yet, despite this huge business opportunity, according to Seed’s SheQ study, many women feel that a majority of categories simply don’t “get them.”

Some of Seed’s findings include:

• Most women do not feel valued and appreciated, or even respected, in key consumer categories.

• Only 1 in 3 women feel well understood by some of the largest consumer categories like automotivefinancial services and health care.

So if you want to “get smarter” about earning the respect, the attention and the business of female consumers… Seed Strategy has the solution.

We call it The SheQ Test.

It starts with an assessment. We begin with an evaluation of your brand’s strengths, weaknesses and opportunities in terms of its relevance to women. We go through all documents and data to form a clear strategy for how to more effectively engage the female consumer segment.

Then we go undercover. Seed’s team of female strategists and creatives will engage with your brand in the field as undercover shoppers and covert consumers. We’ll gain valuable real-world perspective to help us assess your opportunities for growth with female consumers.

Next, we listen. Seed can also design a custom research study with the specific goal of unearthing the true perceptions of your brand with women, further illuminating opportunities and filling in gaps where there may not have been clarity for action.

And finally, we put it all together. We’ll compile our insights into a cohesive strategic perspective designed to help you improve engagement with women and work toward new opportunities—both for your brand and for the women it serves.

“Women now represent the largest, fastest-growing consumer segment on the planet,” explained Cherri Prince, EVP and Head of Growth at Seed. “So it’s no surprise that the categories and brands that innovate to grow their business with women are going to have a significant competitive advantage in the marketplace.”

Interested in learning more about how The SheQ Test can help you assess and optimize your brand’s readiness to win with women? Download our SheQ Test one-pager or contact Cherri Prince today.

Matt Donahue is not a woman, nor does he play one on TV (or at work). However, he is a creative writer with a keen interest in product innovation and marketing theory. Matt is a graduate of Seton Hill University’s “Popular Fiction” master’s program and writes whenever he can.

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