October 27, 2020
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3 Ways Package Design Is Transforming for COVID-19—and Beyond

It has been truly inspiring to see the way marketers have adapted to face the challenges presented by COVID-19. As designers, we’ve been particularly drawn to the evolution of packaging design during this unprecedented time. With that in mind, here are three of the top package design trends that are setting the stage for brands to succeed now—and into the future.


1. Safety First
Not surprisingly, there has been an increased demand for packaging that’s safer and more hygienic—and we’ve seen brands use a number of impactful methods to answer the call. Instead of traditionally popular die cuts and product-revealing windows, we’re seeing a rise in packaging forms that provide increased protection against outside contaminants. Dual-layered packaging, tamperproof sealing techniques, antimicrobial coatings and substrates that inhibit the survival of the coronavirus are all being used to reassure consumers that their health and safety is a top priority.


2. The Uplifting Impact of Color
Brands will continue using color theory to raise spirits and reassure the senses as the “new normal” marches on into 2021. Keep an eye out for yellows, oranges and other warm colors that help convey optimism and bring more cheerfulness to our lives. You can also expect to see brands use more earth tones (like neutral shades of browns and tans, and rich tones of reds, oranges and blues) that reflect the desire to escape the house and bring the outdoors in. Finally, look for calming colors (like soft pastels and shades of blues and grays) to continue rising in popularity as we all seek soothing ways to relax, recharge and comfort ourselves from the stresses and seclusion of the pandemic.


3. Simple and Intentional Design
With consumers spending less time in the aisles, purchase decisions are being made faster than ever. This means that it is critical for packaging to clearly and quickly communicate essential messaging in order to maximize findability and close the sale. In this respect, we’re seeing big brand marks, beautiful hero photography and generally simpler packaging than we did before the pandemic. We are also seeing a trend towards leveraging nostalgia in order to take consumers back to a simpler, more familiar time.


We’ll continue monitoring these trends—and remain on the lookout for new ones—as the current situation is certain to impact package design well into 2021. In the meantime, be sure to contact Cherri Prince to learn how Seed can help optimize your brand and packaging design for the pandemic era and beyond.

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