Where Clarity Grows

"I love when the science and art of what we do come crashing together."

Sean Smyth

EVP, Head of Strategy

An experienced marketer who has developed brand equities across five continents, Sean specializes in guiding clients through the ambiguities of innovation by grounding the experience in solid principles that build certainty and confidence.

The Favorite Part of The Work:
"I love when the science and art of what we do come crashing together. Every brainstorming event at Seed is energizing and the subsequent exercise of converting those newly shaped ideas to something strategically important is a blast."

A Defining Seed Moment:
"At the risk of sounding corny, my favorite projects are the ones that get my clients jazzed. Hearing them say, 'Wow, this really helped send our brand on a prosperous course,' is when I feel the most pride in what Seed does."

Alter Ego:
Away from Seed, Sean is better known as Super Dad, devising new adventures and helping bring out the unique personalities of his three young sons. He is also a member of the fearsome Colt 45's men's neighborhood soccer team.

News Feed

April 2, 2015 Brand Building

Four Steps to Achieve the Right Tempo

By Sean Smyth

Clients often come to Seed for help launching new initiatives that will take their businesses to the next level. For better or worse, most business leaders want to tackle these endeavors at warp speed. But faster isn’t always better.

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