Where Clarity Grows

"Alongside the right people, innovation isn't work, it's play."

Robert Cherry

EVP, Chief Creative Officer

An irrepressible idea guy, Robert creates an atmosphere of trust, inspiration and enthusiasm that helps Seed’s high-performing creative team offer their best work on each and every project.

The Favorite Part of The Work:
"I've played in rock bands for most of my life and have a passion for creative collaboration. With the right minds in the room, the ideas only get bigger and better faster."

A Defining Seed Moment:
"To stay fresh you can't spend much time gazing in the rearview, so I always define myself by my current project, with an eye toward the next one."

Alter Ego:
The former rock journalist keeps his mind and body limber by writing, recording and performing songs; running; and spending time with his wife and daughter.

News Feed

November 19, 2016 News

Turning Gray Areas Into Green

By Robert Cherry

In business, ambiguity is known by many names. The fuzzy front end. Analysis paralysis. The unknown unknowns. But however it’s spelled, it’s often perceived as a four-letter word. Which is a shame.

September 6, 2014 Consumer Culture

SPARKS Creative Inspiration from Joy Williams

By Robert Cherry

We recently spoke with singer-songwriter Joy Williams, one-half of the Grammy-winning duo The Civil Wars, for the newest issue of our interview series about creativity, The Fire Theft Project. Here are a few of the key insights we learned from the conversation.

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