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"Happiest when decoding language, building models of consumer behavior and connecting the dots."

Corey Beilstein

SVP, Behavior and Research Design

Corey blends creativity and behavioral sciences into a passion for decoding consumers and discovering business-building insights. He’s a tinkerer, experimenter, inventor. A master of the twisty-turny path through cognitive psychology that leads to clever approaches and deeper insights. Whether it's for upstream insight or downstream optimization and validation, his leadership brings Burke & Seed together in exciting new ways.

Especially good at:
Knowing consumers really, really well—whether it’s through insights, brand relationships, innovation, brand strategy, consumer behavior change, qualitative research methodologies or product and concept optimization. He’s dabbled in everything surrounding consumers, too: from his psychology background to his apprenticeships in sensory/food science and beyond.

Favorite part of the work:
Designing to decode. And doing it as the bridge-y voice of both Burke and Seed. His immersive familiarity with both sides of our partnership allows Corey to inspire breakthrough synergies, draw thrilling connections, and seamlessly integrate data and creativity.

Alter ego:
Phil Dunphy (Modern Family). “He’s occasionally hapless, frequently passionate and silly, always genuine and authentically interested in making others laugh and feel comfortable. Our work is serious stuff... but not that serious. We're all ‘consumers,’ after all. Let's have some fun!”

News Feed

January 28, 2021 Accelerator

Getting Better at Virtual Workshops IRL (In Real Life)

By Corey Beilstein

Slap “virtual” in front of any word and you’re likely to start feeling a sense of dread. You’re not alone. Call it “virtual” fatigue… but the fatigue is quite real. One of the most common offenders? Virtual workshops.

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