Where Clarity Grows

"First, we think; then, we dream; and finally, we dare."

Anna Vishnevsky

VP, Client Services

If you think two is better than one, then buckle up, buttercup—because Anna’s expertise runs three-deep. A real-deal triple threat, Anna has earned expert status in brand management, innovation AND marketing research. This trifecta of disciplines, paired with her global reach, empowers Anna to provide full-circle perspective that leads to record-breaking growth. Work with Anna and you’ll see that three is, in fact, the magic number.

Especially good at:
Finding the golden nugget—that is, the insight, inspiration or opportunity that’s hidden inside a sea of data. Anna knows how to swiftly identify and hone those sacred “golden nuggets” so they can begin to light the way forward.

Favorite part of the work:
The beginning and the end. Anna loves exploring what’s possible in the early stages before anything is set in stone… almost as much as she loves wow-ing teams with final deliverables showcasing the culmination of their collective hard work.

Alter ego:
Pirate. “As a kid, it’s what I wanted to be when I grew up. And still today, I try to embody that rebellious nature—continuously challenging the status quo and forging ahead to unexplored domains.”

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