Brand Building

October 18, 2017 Brand Building

6 Factors Driving the Future of Brand Building

At Seed, we are charged with helping our clients develop meaningful innovation that helps grow their business. The classic approach to innovation has always focused on new product development as the primary driver of brand growth. However, ongoing changes in consumer behavior and retail channels have flipped the classic approach to brand building on its head

February 28, 2017 Brand Building

6 Ways Successful Concepts Can Turn Into Failed Products

Before joining Seed Strategy, I worked as an analyst at Nielsen BASES where I learned countless lessons about testing, forecasting and launching new products. Without a doubt, one of the biggest lessons I learned was that research results never guarantee in-market success. Even the best-performing concepts can crash and burn in the real world.

October 19, 2016 Brand Building

Striking a New Emotional Chord

Nearly all brands realize the importance of making an emotional connection with consumers, but the most successful ones are taking a more creative route, weaving emotional elements into their communication in a way that goes beyond the traditional.

May 18, 2016 Brand Building

Innovation: The Key to Fast Growth

In the race for the next great innovation, the pace is fast and the winners are few. Across the world, CEOs claim that innovation is becoming increasingly crucial to companies’ future growth.

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